Montreal's fashion and creative community is mobilizing to bring you the best of everything during Montreal Fashion Week.

Fashion Week
2023 edition

A week where the entire local fashion community invites you to come and discover and celebrate the best of what's happening here in Montreal and in Quebec.

Montreal Fashion Week (MFW) is a festive and inclusive annual event that brings together all the players in the local fashion scene. Designers, retailers, manufacturers, schools: everyone is invited to participate! What makes MFW special? The fact that it is spread out across the city and the province, inviting every company, establishment and organization based in Quebec to organize an event of their choice just for you, dear public.

MFW allows you to experience fashion in a big way.

In 2021, Montreal Fashion Week-an event that has been a pillar of the Montreal landscape for many years-has come under the umbrella of mmode, the Metropolitan Fashion Cluster. As a non-profit organization, our mission is to federate, support and propel all actors of the Quebec fashion industry. We couldn't dream of a better vector than mmode to promote our companies.

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