Store tour and innovative technology demonstration - CQCD x La Vie en Rose

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Discover the in-store mobile payment revolution with La Vie en Rose and start-up Leav !

Join us at this exclusive event, where Éric Champagne, Vice President, Information Technology at La Vie en Rose, and a representative from start-up Leav, will present the many benefits of the mobile payment solution. You'll even have the opportunity to test this innovative solution on site!

Leav is an in-store mobile payment solution offering an unprecedented shopping experience. With it, retailers can dramatically reduce time spent at the checkout, making the payment process up to 10 times faster. Thanks to a simple three-step process, customers can scan the desired items, make payment with their credit card and leave with their purchases in hand, without the need to download an app. Merchants benefit from this integrated solution by optimizing the efficiency of their operations, enabling their staff to concentrate on sales and customer service. In these times of labor shortage, Leav offers a valuable answer to streamlining operations.

Registration is open to CQCD retailer members only (1 representative per company).

150 rue Sainte-Catherine W. #233, H5B 1B4


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